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  • Begin with more exact search condition - give the full name and city you need.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, use "Advanced search".
  • in case you have forgotten the password, enter the electronic address specified in the questionnaire and press "To ask for password".


    • Why can I not find the one for whom search? Tens and hundreds of people may be found on your inquiry. If you can not find among them the needed person , increase opportunities of search by entering of narrower search criterions. It is possible also, that the required person was never registered in our "White pages".

    • How can I receive more results during search procedure? Rather frequently by means of limited search you don't find any user. If you have received few results and want to expand your search, exclude some search criterions.

    • How can I receive smaller quantity of search results? If you have received too many results and want to limit your search, try to enter additional search criterions. Specifying additional conditions, you reduce the size of the candidates list, which you will have to look through.

    • How can I edit my data? After registration, you will receive the letter (according to e-mail specified by you). Having opened it, you can edit or delete the data under the reference. It is also possible to edit data directly on a site by entering the password and the electronic address in a field " For participants ". Having got a page with your data, you may edit them.

    • How can I delete my data? Enter your e-mail and password into the field "For participants", and you will get on a page with your information. Then press on " To delete the questionnaire ", and you'll withdraw your data from our database.

    • Why should I enter my electronic address while registration? Using your electronic address "White pages" help the lost friends and colleagues to find you. For protection of your data in our "White pages" we created such system of communication, which allows the user only to send the message to you but not to know your e-mail.

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