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    • We are glad to greet you at "White Pages of Russia" within the RIN project - "Russian Information Network".
    • Surely there are a lot of people using Internet that you know or have lost touch with. The people you would like to contact with, if you only knew how. Now, there is a good chance of finding them.
    • represents the new project "White Pages of Russia". We shall help to find your old friends and acquaintances, former schoolmates, fellow workers and new friends sharing your interests.
    • With the help of our "White Pages" project you can contact them and leave some information about yourself. All your search, questions, requests are welcome in our FORUM. Help others and they will help you!
    • Unlike other similar resources, e-mails & user's coordinates are not given on searching, only the opportunity to send a message. Thus, having registered in our "White Pages", you are insured from uninvited visitors and spam.

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